New NODOR trends

Nodor launches a catalogue full of novelties with exclusive ranges and according to the current expectations of the user

Nodor is committed to exclusive trends, customized products and offers a varied range that covers the needs of the entire kitchen, providing a fresh and sophisticated change that will not go unnoticed by the demanding user. The integration appliance becomes the conductive thread of the Nodor range. We thus achieve visually wide spaces and a total integration with the kitchen furniture.

The advanced engineering and clear focus on the design of environments offer as a result a personal range that plays with retro air details or breaks the chromatic uniformity with coppery contrasts or intense color.

Technology and innovation that Nodor incorporates into the market reflected in about 150 novelties that will perfectly complete the most demanding kitchens.

The wide range of aesthetic configurations that pursue the comfort of the user as well as the energy savings along with the connectivity between appliances give any kitchen an avant-garde point, but above all, make cooking a rewarding and simple experience.

Forget the boring stainless steel, welcome the purity of the colour

Black is back. Its minimalist and elegant design matches with all types of environments, providing a sophisticated look to each kitchen with its chrome details and its finishes in pure black glass.

For those looking for something different, for those who do not follow the rules, for those with a non-conformist nature, for those who want to be different, the new Nodor ColourDot range is born, providing a modern and lively touch to your kitchen.

Black or White. The new Nodor appliances have a captivating aesthetic without neglecting our responsibility commitment to the environment, which starts during the production process and is translated into low-energy consumption classifications. With the advantage of being able to choose between pure white crystal or pure black crystal.

The Nodor appliances are different, we like the details, we appreciate the design and technology because it is in our DNA. That's why the Copper range is born, unique appliances, designed to satisfy the most demanding chefs for their technology and ease of use. It was never so easy to cook as it is with the new Copper Nodor range.

For those looking for an unmistakable design inspired by the 50 or a personal touch to their home without forgetting the technological advantages that Nodor has been providing since 1977, the new Nodor RetroLine range is born.


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CNA Group will be present with its own stand at the Autumn Session of the Canton Fair (China), which is held in October 15-19 and where we will announce, in world premiere, the launch of the new Nodor range.

CNA Group grows exponentially during 2019

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CNA Group has oriented for decades the work of all its teams to develop functional and innovative appliances that give value to your home and everyday simplicity


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Edesa launches to the market the catalog of white brand appliances for 2019, full of novelties in terms of products and designs.